23 Dec 2011

MTS New Year Party 2012 video

There was a New Year Party 2012 for MTS in the National Opera of Ukraine. The leading event were Paul and Kate Shilko Osadchaya. Alexander Krivoshapko, a group of “BB” and show the quartet “Asturia” created an atmosphere of celebration. (more…)

10 Dec 2011

The hotel Superior 5* was opened

The grand opening of  Hotel Superior 5* in Superior Golf & SPA Resort (Kharkov, Ukraine)


9 Dec 2011

Musical performance Asturia for Lufthansa.

String Quartet “Asturia” performed his music for the airline “Lufthansa”

The event, entitled – “Lufthansa 20 years in Ukraine” was held on December 9, 2011.

The girls presented their shows and performed their favorite songs – “Mission” sound track for (more…)

8 Dec 2011

Quartet “Asturia” on the cover of «What’s On»

Quartet “Asturia” on the cover of «What’s On».

December 8, 2011 Kiev saw a new release of popular English-language magazine “What’s On” with a quartet  “Asturia” on the cover. (more…)

4 Dec 2011

Quartet “Asturia” and classical music

String Quartet “Asturias” prepared a small gift for lovers of classical chamber music.

In the castle of Baron Steingel talented director Alice Cosmos has created a video for the classic songs of Frederic Handel’s “The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba”, as well as for the romantic works (more…)
4 Dec 2011

Shooting a new video

December 4, 2011 shooting took second in line to clip the string quartet “Asturia”.  Composition, which the girls decided to create a new video work, so far kept secret 🙂