4 Dec 2011

Quartet “Asturia” and classical music

String Quartet “Asturias” prepared a small gift for lovers of classical chamber music.

In the castle of Baron Steingel talented director Alice Cosmos has created a video for the classic songs of Frederic Handel’s “The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba”, as well as for the romantic works (more…)
4 Dec 2011

Shooting a new video

December 4, 2011 shooting took second in line to clip the string quartet “Asturia”.  Composition, which the girls decided to create a new video work, so far kept secret 🙂


11 Nov 2011

Dirty Dozen Party 11.11.11

String Quartet in Asturia did a musical performance at a birthday party  «What’s On» at Crystal Hall, 11.11.11.

Dirty Dozen Party gathered show-business stars, all those involved in the publication, as well as fans of the magazine. (more…)